Melhores Plataformas de Contabilidade Cripto

Aqui listamos as melhores plataformas de contabilidade cripto para prestar atenção no próximo ano. Leia este artigo para saber.
By Guilherme de Faria
janeiro 11, 2024
Plataformas contabilidade cripto

Here we list the best crypto accounting platforms to watch out for in the coming year, if you are someone who uses accounting software then this article is for you

Crypto is money! You can’t see it, but you can understand its value. When it comes to cryptocurrency markets, no one can deny the importance of digital asset management platforms.

If crypto is an electronic version of money, you should use an electronic accounting platform, especially the best crypto accounting platforms, to manage your money on the internet.

In this article, we will talk about the 10 best crypto accounting platforms with amazing features that you will like because of their simplicity and benefits.


In this article and after a comprehensive analysis, we will extract the top 10 crypto accounting tools to present to you. Here is the summary of the main ideas:

  1. Koinly: Supports 400+ Exchanges, 100 Wallets and 170+ Blockchains
  2. SMPLR: Is available to help you with multi-chain data collection and elucidation.
  3. ZenLedger: Simplifies maintaining your cryptocurrency assets and provides tax returns.
  4. CoinLedger: Uses the same formulas used by tax experts to determine your tax.
  5. Accointing by Glassnode: Offers a variety of instruments covering.
  6. Ledgible: supports a lot of platforms.
  7. TokenTax: You can import data via an API or CSV file.
  8. CryptoTaxCalculator: offers a complete explanation of each calculation.
  9. CoinTracking: produces real-time information on profits and losses, currency values, realized and unrealized profits, tax reports.
  10. Cryptoworth: Enriches users by transaction reconciliation, cost-based analysis, tax, tracking, transaction auditing.

Why did we choose these 10 platforms as the best crypto accounting software?

We handpicked these 10 names because of their surprising characteristics. They have a free trial and you can test its real performance. Most of these crypto accounting tools introduce their services at extremely low rates. This is an amazing feature that you can enjoy using these accounting tools. These names support a wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, SaaS. Transparency, accuracy and ease of use are other fantastic features of these platforms.

It’s time to get into details. In this section, we will illustrate different features of the best crypto accounting software and see how they are distinct. The objective will be to familiarize yourself with the different positive and negative aspects of these digital asset management platforms.

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